View your family tree as a fabulous wall chart. Choose from a wide range of formats and styles and we will create the chart for you to check and proof read before ordering. There is no obligation to order and you may create as many charts as you like before deciding which one to order.

You may then order your chart to be printed, rolled and posted out to anywhere in the World (postage calculated at the checkout) for you and your family to enjoy.

Just upload a gedcom file (click here for help) and tell us who is the key person on the chart along with a few other details and we will do the rest.

Why not order extra copies for relatives and take advantage of our quantity discounts.

Requesting a Chart

Step One  – Chose from a range of Ancestor, Pedigree, Descendant, Hourglass and All relatives layouts , pick a layout design and tell us who the central person is and how many generations to include in the chart.

Step Two – Upload your family tree as a gedcom file and select the root for the diagram. Our upload service will check your file to make sure we can use it to produce your chart and send you an email when your proof is ready. Don’t worry if you find incorrect dates or missing information on your chart, just make the corrections at the place where your family tree is stored and then upload a new gedcom file.


Order only when you are completely happy with your chart design. Once you have approved your chart design you may place your order at You will be directed to the shopping check out to pay for your chart and once the system knows the country where you live it will calculate the airmail/shipping charge.

What is a Gedcom file?

A GEDCOM file is list of all your data exported(copied) from a computer program or internet site. The gedcom format was developed by the LDS church to encourage the sharing and transfer of family tree data. Most software (even the old ones sold up to 20 years ago) will produce an output file in the gedcom format. At My History we are able to take your Gedcom file and import into our charting system in order to produce printed charts in many different layouts and formats.

1Sign up or log in 2Upload your family data 3Select a Chart Style 4Select your family data 5Select the chart root 6Select chart options

To start your chart request please, register for an account or log in Now you need to upload a Gedcom file, you can learn more about the process on our home page. Now please select your chosen chart from the chart gallery.

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