How do I create a Gedcom File from my family tree data?

Click on a link below to learn how to create a gedcom file for uploading on our file upload page.

Help for Exporting Gedcom files from popular family tree programs and websites

What is a PDF?

PDF documents in their simplest form are just images of documents that may be read by a universal reader such as Adobe Reader. If you click on one of the links below where we tell you how to create a PDF you may notice that our instruction sheets are sent to your browser in the PDF format.

Converting a family tree diagram into a PDF document is relatively straight forward and it enables you to give us a file that will look just the same when it is printed as it does on your screen. The only limitation for a PDF document is its length cannot exceed 3.5 metres (about 12 feet).

If you already have your file designed then you may
upload it now and we will send you an email suggesting what size of paper would be best and we will direct you to the correct product to order on our website. If you have already determined the dimensions of your PDF document and provided it is a single page then you are welcome to just go ahead and
place your order. We should be able to despatch your order to you the within one working day of receiving your PDF.

If you are unsure about how to save your chart in the PDF format then please click on a link below for instructions.

Creating a PDF from your Family Tree Software

If your program is not mentioned above and you need help please contact us as we have access to many other programs and we will be happy to let you have instructions. support@my-history.co.uk

What is a gedcom file?

A gedcom file is just a continuous list of your family tree records with line breaks and identifiers between each piece of data. If you were to open the file in a word processing file you would more than likely recognise that it contained your family records but it would not be presented very well for you to reading.

How long will I have to wait for my chart design?

Just a few minutes is all it takes for our system to read your file and produce a chart for you to view.

Why can’t I find a family tree chart that includes everyone in my tree?

Charts that include everyone in a tree are very complicated as they often include families of people that have married into the main family. This type of chart requires some bespoke work in order to reduce the height or length of the chart to make the chart practical for printing and reading. We may at some point be able to set up a standard ‘everyone’ chart but for the time being we ask that you email charts@my-history.co.uk for further advice.

How much will my family tree chart cost?

When we return your chart design to you we will let you know the cost to print it on various thicknesses of paper and canvas. We are not able to quote for postage at that stage as we won’t know where we are to send the chart or how many copies you would like.

What should I do if I want two charts sending to two different addresses?

You will need to place two separate orders giving us a separate delivery address on each order. Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to give a quantity discount and post to separate destinations.

Do I need to pay VAT if my chart is to be posted to an address outside the UK?

Our prices include VAT which is only charged for charts delivered within the UK. If you are based in the EU then the good news is that we have signed up for the IOSS Scheme, where provided your order is below 150 Euro we will charge you VAT at your country’s rate, and be able to send the item without the need for your to pay import duty. If you are outside the EU then you will be charged no VAT however any saving is often eaten up by the postal charges. We send all parcels outside of the UK via the Royal Mail tracked International service.

How will my charts be packed?

Your charts will be supplied rolled in an acid free sleeve.  We reserve the right to either despatch in a strong cardboard tube with plastic end caps or a box. Orders for multiple charts will normally be rolled together.  If you wish to ensure your order includes a tube, please be sure to add those to your cart.  These can be found on the main My History shopping cart where there will be a link in the right hand column to our chart accessories page.

How can I buy extra tubes?

There will be a link in the right-hand column on our cart page directing you to our chart packaging page.

Can I do all this from my iPad?

We are working on this but unfortunately due to the limitations of the iPad operating system it’s not possible to download gedcom files and save them for upload to our website using.

How secure is my data?

Our server is protected by passwords and our UK based staff members understand the importance of data privacy. All pages on charting.myhistory.co.uk are encrypted with the standard green padlock showing in your browser address bar. When you create an account with your email and submit a password you may be assured that our system is fully protected. Your family tree data is guarded with equal security and you may delete your gedcom or pdf charts from our server at any time if you choose not to have them printed.

What type of paper do you print on?

We print on 90gram, 120gram paper as well as canvas and photo paper.  If you would like a sample of these to be sent to you please email charts@my-history.co.uk.

Are your papers and ink archive safe?

We only purchase rolls of acid-free paper from our suppliers and we use only best quality inks in our printers thus ensuring that your chart has more than a good chance of surviving well into the next century if it is stored in reasonable conditions.

Will my chart look just like the proof you have sent me?

Yes, what you see is what you get. Nothing added and nothing taken out, (the word “proof” will not be printed and any background images will be higher quality) except, if you have supplied a title or footnote these will be copied exactly as you have written them when you place your order. However please be aware that the colours on your screen may not exactly represent what we print. Computer screens are notorious for misrepresenting printed colours.

What will my chart title look like and where will it be?

We will use the text you supply for the title just as you have written it so please be careful where you put capital letters and check your spelling carefully. We will print your chart title in large letters proportionate to the size of the chart. The font style will match that used for the data in your chart.

What is a footnote and do I need one?

A foot note is just to let readers of the chart know who researched the tree and perhaps a year when the tree was printed. You may choose not to have a footnote by leaving the field blank. You may have anything printed in the footnote. We will just cut and paste your note into a bottom corner of the chart so please pay particular attention to the spelling and capitalisation of the words you use.

Can you print photographs on my chart?

Not yet but we hope to introduce this service very shortly.  If you would like a chart with photographs included please email charts@my-history.co.uk where our team may be able to assist you further.

How long does it take to print my chart?

We have our own wide format printers waiting to print your chart within one working day so you won’t have to wait weeks for your chart to be designed.

How long will it take to for my chart to arrive?

We will despatch with one working day of printing your chart so if you live in the UK and pay for First Class post or tracked delivery then you could be holding your family tree with just a few days of uploading your data file. If you are outside the UK then your chart will take a little longer to get to you. Unfortunately customers on different continents may have to wait up to three weeks for delivery.

How are my charts produced?

We use a piece of software called Family Historian that has a very sophisticated chart design feature. We are able to process your data automatically to create your family tree chart. Our in-house designer has a wealth of knowledge that we are able to apply to our very own chart designs that you are then able to take advantage of.

Can I design a special chart of my own?

Anything is possible with the Family Historian software which may be installed on your own Windows based computer (sorry not yet available for Mac). For under £460 you may buy and install the program and then create unique charts for your family. We can print your own bespoke charts as well as the ones on this charting design service.

Why are some people missing on my chart or not connected to the main family?

Unfortunately some online family trees allow users to add individuals to a family and not link them correctly. Problems can sometimes occur when a person is deleted leaving their spouse stranded or unattached to the main family. You will need to go back to where your tree is hosted and spend a little time deleting the strays or reattaching them to the main tree.  If you are still struggling please email the team at charts@my-history.co.uk and they can run an independent check on your data file and advise you further.

Why are some people appearing twice on my chart?

This can happen for several reasons but often happens where someone as married an existing cousin and you have not noticed until after you have keyed them in for a second time and maybe other family members as well. Errors can happen! Sometimes a person may not be in twice but if you have managed to attach someone through marriage to two people in the same tree then the chart may just be displaying the same person in two locations.

TIP: If you think you have a duplicate person in your tree but you are finding it confusing as to which one is appearing where, just go back to your tree and add an extra letter to the end of the surname on one of them so that you can identify the offending entry.

Why are some of my dates wrong?

In the past some online trees have allowed non-standard input of dates and this has resulted in the output file having some strange date expressions. We suggest you go back to your tree to amend the dates and then upload a fresh gedcom file onto our system. If you have uploaded a file from GenesReunited and you just cannot figure out what has gone wrong then please email charts@myhistory.co.uk for further advice.

Why is my chart split up onto more than one page?

Don’t worry, we are limited to a maximum sheet size of 3 metres (10 feet) on our proof service but when we print your chart it will actually be printed out continuously on a single roll of paper.

My data is written out on paper by hand. Are you able to help me get my chart printed?

We have two ways of working with your hand drawn chart:
i) We can take your finished handmade paper chart up to 42” wide and scan it through a wide format scanner ready for printing. After that, it is up to you how many copies of it you would like us to print. Prices start at £40 for the initial scanning. Please contact us for more information and prices.
ii) Our charting department is able to quote for entering your data onto computer, designing your chart and printing it. We have a separate list of charges for this type of service. Please contact us for more information and prices.

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